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PERMIAS LA, stands for Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat (Indonesian Student Association in United States) at Los Angeles.

PERMIAS is a non-profit organization whose members are Indonesian students who are studying in the United States. PERMIAS Los Angeles has long been a part of the nationwide Indonesian Student Organization that consists of all Indonesian students in North America and has also played a significant role in representing the interests of the Indonesian students in Los Angeles.Apart from its function as means of communication to improve the interests of the Indonesian students here in Los Angeles, we sincerely hope that this media service could also serve as a gateway to help expedite the flow of information to familiarize and update you with current issues and developments in Indonesia.

Our mission is to unite them in spite of the big land area and many schools, such as UCLA, CSUN, USC, SMC, PCC, MtSAC, CSULB, CSUF, CSULA, UCI, UCR, Pierce College, UCSD, SDSU, LMU, Pepperdine, El Camino College, ELACC, WLACC, LACC, FIDM, OTIS, Art Center, Art Institute, Woodbury and many more. With unity, development of friendships may be achieved and burden may be lightened. Together our future will be a better one.

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