Permias stands for ‘persatuan mahasiswa indonesia di Amerika Serikat’, which means Indonesian student association in United States. First established in the early 1980’s, one of Permias’ missions are to bring Indonesian communities in Columbus together. We in Permias 09’ consider that particular mission as an importance, especially with Indonesia’s current state. At the moment, Indonesia is a growing country that is both full of potential and in need of help. Away from our homeland, we as Indonesians have to stand strong and positively contribute to the growth of our country. Therefore, Permias Columbus, although governed by Ohio State students, are not only for Ohio state students, nor only for Students; Permias Columbus is for EVERY Indonesian people affiliated to Columbus. It is very important for us to stay together as one community while still open to others, and that is where Permias comes in. Permias acts to unify the Indonesian community while connecting them (along with Indonesian cultures) to the world. We in Permias Columbus will do the same with the community in Columbus, Ohio.