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PERHIMPUNAN PERSAHABATAN INDONESIA-AMERIKA (The Indonesian - American Friendship Association)

Established in 1959 as Lembaga Indonesia-Amerika (LIA), its primary mission is to foster closer friendship ties between Indonesians and Americans through mutual appreciation of one another's culture, to enhance the amicable relations that exist .

Indonesian Cultural Club (ICC)

Indonesian Cultural Club (ICC)

We are an informal organization with a mission to endeavor in multi-cultural events promoting Indonesian arts and language amongst our members, and the general public. We are a diverse non-racial and non-religious club, open to any individuals who ..

Indonesian American Association (IAA)

On March 2, 1952 a group of Indonesian, mainly the local employees of the Embassy of Indonesia in Washington, DC, gathered at the basement room at the Embassy, located at 2020 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., and came to a unanimous decision to form a ...