Komunitas Katolik Indonesia (KKI) - Oregon


Indonesian Catholic Community of Oregon (KKIOR) is a Catholic religious group engaging in spiritual, social, and cultural activities. Members are majority people with Indonesian heritage sharing soft and warm cultural values of Indonesia.

Mission and Vision
1. To provide KKIOR member’s key ingredients of Catholic Faith: Sacramental and Spiritual needs.
2. To engage in social and cultural activities within or outside our community as a realization of our Catholic faith and values.
3. To promote harmony and unity within our community.
4. To grow social relationships within KKIOR members as well as with others outside our community.
5. To support mission and vision of Archdiocese of Portland and Diocese of Baker in serving the Oregon community.
6. To support the growth of Indonesian Catholic Community in the United States.
7. To provide a communication bridge with our Indonesian Government representative here in United States.
8. To promote Indonesian cultures and values to the Oregon community.
( source : http://kkior.wordpress.com/about/ )