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The American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) was established in 1949 before Indonesia received its full sovereignty from the Netherlands. A private membership organization headquartered in New York, AICC was the first US organization to ...

Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat (Indonesian Student Association in United States) in Los Angeles.

PERMIAS NYC is a non-profit organization that has long been a part of the nationwide Indonesian Student Organization. PERMIAS NYC consist of all Indonesian student and youth in New York City and we strife to unite students from different universities

PMKI Chicago is a Christian Fellowship in Chicagoland.
We meet once a month in one of our member's house in a friendly and relax environment. We are not divided by denominations, we are ONE in CHRIST. We discuss and share about the Word of God. We pr

Persekutuan Masyarakat Kristen Indonesia-PMKI Chicago

Chicago, Illinois
United States

PERMIAS (Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat) San Francisco & Bay Area merupakan organisasi yang beranggotakan para pelajar Indonesia yang sedang melanjutkan pendidikannya di San Francisco dan Bay Area.

The name of the organization is the “Indonesian Student Organization, University of Wisconsin-Madison”, or widely known as Permias Madison.

KKI Sacramento adalah perkumpulan umat katolik Indonesia di Sacramento area.

IMSA didirikan pada tanggal 29 Desember 1998 (11 Ramadhan 1419 H) di Jefferson City, Missouri, Amerika Serikat. Pembicaraan awal pembentukan organisasi ini bermula dari kontak pribadi beberapa mahasiswa Indonesia yang kemudian disampaikan kepada ..