Sophia Latjuba has been an Icon in Indonesia for over two decades. In 2009 She decided to give up show business and all the perks that came along with being a celebrity in Indonesia and move West.

After relocating with her husband and two children to LA from Jakarta, Sophie began cooking her native cuisine for the family. Before long the word spread and friends and neighbors began routinely showing up for dinner.

Sophia Latjuba opened Dapoer Sophie in the fall of 2010, with a vision of creating and sharing the exotic cuisine of her motherland with Los Angeles. LA has plenty of fine food to offer, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai etc. There are, however, very few Indonesian Restaurants to choose from.

Sophie learned from the Best. She uses authentic recipes handed down from generation to generation within her family from both her Indonesian father, Azizur Rahman Latjuba and German mother's, Anna Mueller, side of the family. She was taught by her Grandmother from her father's side, Siti Fatihah Latjuba (wife of H. Mahmud Latjuba, Indonesia's first Ambassador to the middle east) and her aunts, as well as her mother and grandmother, Eva Mueller, from the German side of the family.

Dapoer Sophie Catering is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients, and providing courteous, responsive service. All of our dishes are made from scratch; creating a truly memorable dining experience.

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